Dynamic Healing Center

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The purpose of this website and of this center is to provide a forum, where holistic thinking healers can document and share their experience. This is to help each other, but also to help our patients, families and those who are interested in finding out more about the philosophy and understanding of health in Homeopathy and related Energy medicine disciplines.

The ethos and vision of this center


The ethos and vision of this center, comes from the concept that our bodies are not simply material, cellular, chemical beings.  Our systems are governed by an extremely complex and powerful energetic system.  

Some believe that our material bodies are simply an expression of these energies. I find that concept difficult to conceptualize, but what makes sense to me, is that our bodies are like the hard drive of our computers.  The computer cannot operate, unless there is healthy software to drive it.  This software in our systems is what we are trying to understand and treat in all forms of energetic medicine.  It is interesting, that the computer industry uses the term “Virus” for the corruption or disturbance, which interferes with the functioning of the whole computer.  In medicine, we are inclined to blame viruses for a lot of ill health, especially when we can see that there is malfunctioning happening, but we cannot identify the cause. 

Our philosophy is that something during a person’s life, has caused a disturbance in their “Software”, which is operating in a “Virus like” manner, resulting in malfunction in the body’s ability to maintain its own health.  We have to get back to the belief, that the body possesses huge potential for maintaining its own health.  Our work is to find out why this is not happening and to find methods which help to restore equilibrium back to our natural healing mechanisms. If we can clear the “viruses” off the computer, the computer will function properly.

I hope that this center will provide opportunities for practitioners from different disciplines of energetic medicine, to practice together and share their experience with each other, and with those who are interested in the work we do.