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Dynamic Facilitators

About the Way We Work

We draw from some of the principles of art, craft and drama to create a unique empowering experience.  All creative activities are not aimed at producing beautiful end products but rather stress the art making experience as a process.

The work is done in small groups as this allows for a gentle and supportive environment through which people can explore that which is personally important to them.

 The group is guided by the facilitator/s in such a way that the group becomes a container which is able to absorb, digest and honour whatever feelings may arise for the participants. This process is often mirrored in the participants as they learn to live with their 'wounds' rather than hope that they magically vanish.

All our activities are developed in such a way that they reflect the immediate needs of the client group and we assist them in addressing those needs while maintaining mindful flexibility.

The journey is the destination. We are not trying to solve anyone's struggle but rather create a nurturing space from which to reflect and reach some level of comfort.

In the words of Alice Walker
"What is always needed in the appreciation of art, or life, is the bigger perspective. Connections made, or at least attempted, where none existed before, the straining to encompass in one’s glance at the varied world the common thread, the unifying theme through immense diversity, a fearlessness of growth, of search, of looking, that enlarges the private and public world. And yet, in our particular society, it is in the narrowed and narrowing view of life that often wins" 

All our activities include most of the following and require no previous experience. All materials are provided.

Painting and drawing: Basic techniques will be explained and demonstrated.
: A variety of craft activities are incorporated into all our programmes and will be fully demonstrated, explained and facilitated. These activities encourage the seamless blending of collective and individual interest.
Along the way we write our inner thoughts and feelings.  These are personal thoughts and ideas that have relevance and meaning to the writer alone.
Story telling:
Stories are in our DNA. A story is as good as a story is told; and it is in the sharing of the common threads that we remember the significant events of our lives.
 This is an intensely powerful experience, an evocative journey using the imagination. 
We start each day with a gentle relaxation activity to help us focus and leave our daily din. During the session we use movement to energise and focus ourselves.
This is a drama technique.  We play with ideas and act out scenarios. Playing can help us understand a situation differently.

The Overall Process

We offer a variety of specifically structured workshops that can be designed as stand alone or integrated into weekly sessions over an extended period. 

We can develop a training workshop for you to add value to your existing work.

We can assist you in refreshing your existing programme.

We offer workshops that focus on creative facilitation skills. This programme benefits anybody who is a teacher/facilitator, peer counselor or anyone involved in training.

We offer workshops that focus on caring for the carer.

Everything we offer is sensitively facilitated and guided by the principles of active participation.

This is a carefully facilitated activity of personal mark making, usually within the group, onto a traced outline of the participant's body.
Optimal duration: 15 hrs

We develop strategies to overcome obstacles that stand in the way of us achieving our goals. This activity can be undertaken as a single process or layered and re-visited, layering more and more each time, and so become richer for the re-visiting. 
Optimal duration: 4 hrs

This is a carefully directed fun craft activity. It recognizes the participants past, their present and creates a tool for self acknowledgement and gifting.
Optimal duration: 4 hrs


An extended project over time that is multi layered. It is a reflective activity that requires deep soul searching. It involves holding the mirror up to yourself and collecting your own life threads to weave your unique collage. Each participant needs access to a camera (a cell phone camera is ideal) for this project
Optimal duration: 24 hrs.

The Threads Dance is a fun physical activity which promotes team building & collective trust. It stretches the participant's creative resourcefulness & develops social cohesion.
Optimal duration: 4 hours.

We can work with any individual or organization that would like to experience our creative insights and experience.
We want to reach out to individuals who find themselves supporting people in unhealthy situations or crisis. These people are often stressed and fatigued as they find themselves ill equipped to deal with the circumstances thrust upon them and are subsequently isolated and dis-empowered.