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I have great pleasure in inviting a new pratitioner into the Dynamic Healing Center.
Her name is Ginny Paterson, and she uses a number of well recognized techniques, including Ayurveda Massage and the Myyo Technique.  Her work will be mainly focussed on stress management, and releasing the effects of stress on the body. [Read More…]

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Hi Friends,
A friend recently sent me the link, to this very interesting article on spontaneous remissions of cancer:


There is still so much that we don’t understand about this complex disease.
One thing that I am sure of, is that whatever disorder, allows the bizarre replication of cells, is a dynamic, changing disturbance.  I am sure we would have more success in treating the disease, if we could understand the underlying dynamic pathology, rather than attacking the tumour.

Ann Haw

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Hello readers,
Those of you who have been or are patients of mine, probably know, that I do go through different phases of interest, in particular remedies, or groups of remedies.  I apologize for over prescribing the remedies from my current interest group.  it is however amazing, how often a remedy is found for a particular patient, when my consciousness is stimulated by an article, a seminar, or simply my own focus changing. [Read More…]

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Hi all,
I am back from a wonderful holiday in Canada.
I am busy thinking about how I can extend this practice.  I am looking for someone to share the ideas and responsibilities with. 
 I would also like to pass on some of my knowledge and experience to others. 
If there is anyone who is interested in joining this practice, please contact me. [Read More…]