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Hello readers,
Those of you who have been or are patients of mine, probably know, that I do go through different phases of interest, in particular remedies, or groups of remedies.  I apologize for over prescribing the remedies from my current interest group.  it is however amazing, how often a remedy is found for a particular patient, when my consciousness is stimulated by an article, a seminar, or simply my own focus changing.
My latest “Fashion”, is to go back to examine the  healing potential, in the Bird Remedies.
I was prompted to do this, after finding a Bird Remedy, which I have personally responded to well.
The general theme, of people needing Bird Remedies, is a search for the freedom of the skies.  Often this is limited by our existence as Humans, which leads to a feeling of being trapped, imprisoned and restricted.  The birds usually have vision, and ability to see the bigger picture, but get frustrated that others cannot see it.
On the physical level, we find upper respiratory, neurological symptoms, bladder and gynaecological problems.
I don’t know whether it is coincidence, but I have found a number of children needing these remedies.  It may be, that they are experiencing the frustration, of being trapped, by their parents’, or school’s, expectations, and do not have the freedom to fly, and simply enjoy the wonders of childhood.
Giving them a suitable remedy, seems to release a lot of the frustration about this dilemna.  They also then seem to get less upper respiratory symptoms.

Ann Haw

Ann Haw - 13:26:25 | 13 comments

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