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Privacy and Confidentiality 

This is an open website, for all to read.  Because our work does have to do with people’s personal issues, I feel it is very important to set up some guidelines, of how we are going to share information, without offending or exposing patients’ private affairs.

I do find that case studies have a tremendous amount to teach us.  We therefore found a way to post and discuss case studies, while preserving the patients’ privacy.

Dr Ann Haw's Suggestions:

  • No material whatsoever may be posted without the patients’ consent.
  • No names should be included
  • It is always less threatening, and more educational, to share cases, which have already been healed.  When a person, has really experienced deep healing, there is often a desire to share, their experience with others.  I would therefore propose, that we only post cases, which we feel, are healed, with the above considerations, still applicable.
  • Case discussion, between the practitioners in the practice, should also be with the patients consent, and should be treated with the same ethics of confidentiality, which is expected of all those in the healing profession.