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The purpose of this website and of this center, is to provide a space where holistic thinking healers, can document and share their experience. Please use this page to share your thoughts, healing journeys, or related questions. We would love to hear from you!

Lizelle Plessis
18/04/19 14:49:03

This platform is created in order for us to share our HEALING JOURNEYS and interesting links to movies or documentaries to further our understanding of alternative healing modalities available to us.

This platform will be monitored and no advertisement, spam or unsolicited entries will appear here.

Kindly adhere to this and T's&C's as explained within this website.
Ann Haw
27/05/15 16:57:31
Felicity and Bobbie, our "Dynamic Facilitators" are offering an exciting program on a Friday morning. They put it like this:
"Join Us on Friday mornings from 9am until 10.30, for a creative eclectic movement experience. The session will include, stetching, relaxation exercises, movement that improves posture and balance. We use techniques that imbrace breath, visulisation, yoga, whole brain techniques and building core which is key to strengthening muscle and understanding how to manage our physicality effectively.

The session will

assist in de-stressing both mind & body
teach you to use breath effectively
improve posture and movement

Our group is very intimate and we offer a quiet, reflective space that will hold you and help you reboot and focus.

Please contact Felicity or Bobbie if you would like to join us.

If you have a yoga mat, please bring it along, wear comfy clothes.

Each session is R100.00 and if you book for 4 sessions you will get a 10% discount!

Felicity: 0725895857
Bobbie; 0825655713
Ann Haw
26/05/15 10:55:21
Hi again,
I went to a very interesting seminar last weekend, by an Australian Homeopath, Peter Tumminello. He has spent his life studying Gem Stones, and has made up many of these into homeopathic dilution. He has also done some extensive provings, on each of them, which brings them into our materia medica, with an understanding of their potential. He has written a wonderful summary of his work, which you can find on the site: "Interhomeopathy"
Thank you Peter, for this wonderful contribution to our materia medica. I look forward to reading your book, and prescribing your remedies.
Ann Haw
25/05/15 17:10:39
I have written an article, entitled "The Scientific Background to Homeopathy". If you wish to read it you may click on the link below.

Ann Haw
21/05/15 21:17:22
Dear Readers,
It is taking me a while, to get over my own block about using this website constructively. I am going to start posting more regular snippets of news. I will also, from time to time, add a link to articles of interest, which I have written. One subscriber, has asked whether she can write up her own journey towards healing. I will welcome this. I think the best way, is going to be, to write up your journey, and email it to me, as an attachment. I will then post it, on our Mailchimp account, with a link to this website, so that whoever wishes to read it can do so. This will be a very exciting way to share our experiences, without cluttering the website too much. Looking forward to lots of correspondence. Ann Haw
Ann Haw
21/05/15 21:10:22
I am very pleased to welcome Felicity and Bobbi, otherwise known as Dynamic Facilitators to our team. They will be helping members to express and shift energies, through the mediums of Art and Drama. Please see their details under "Our Team"

Lizelle du Plessis
23/04/15 12:37:21
Thank you all for the compliments on the website design :) Much appreciated. Thank you to Ann for her wonderful work and continued support in the field of health and healing. My our journey continue, strengthen and blossom on and on. I look forward to all your stories in our FORUM. Much love, Lizelle.
Sue Beard
09/04/15 08:11:00
You have a wonderful website, Anne. Best wishes as you continue with your valuable work.
Michael & Venetia Ryan
02/04/15 15:06:03
It is a great website. We look forward to following your work. Blessings.
Mary Ryan
01/04/15 08:09:38
Many good wishes to Dynamic Healing and for much fruitful sharing and learning. I am a keen supporter of your work and wisdom Dr Ann.
Alena Zhaliazniak
31/03/15 19:56:57
Thank you, Dr Ann, for your wonderful insights in working with our family. You patience and intuition with kids, even very little ones, was truly astonishing! We all wish for this center to blossom so you could share your abilities with many more people!
Sonja De Villiers
31/03/15 19:02:01
Lovely website indeed! Looking forward to hearing / seeing more.
Felicity Hartley
31/03/15 17:09:29
This site is looking fabulous Ann. I am looking forward to being part of the team
Daran Gowen
31/03/15 16:00:41
Love the website Ann, beautiful design. Wishing you every success in all your endeavors!
Sue Paulus
31/03/15 15:28:15
Ann I love your website and wish you great success going forward.
Tessa Wulfsohn
31/03/15 14:59:40
This looks great Ann. Looking forward to reading forum stories and the blogs. Good luck with it all.
nathalie Perthel
31/03/15 12:35:33
Love the website and looking forward to reading more about it!
Ann Haw
31/03/15 10:15:55
I have set up an email mailing list, via Mail Chimp. If you wish to be included on this list, please send me your email address
Ann Haw
30/03/15 17:20:32
Welcome to our website. We hope you enjoy the sharing of knowledge with us.
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