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The purpose of this website and of this center, is to provide a space where holistic thinking healers, can document and share their experience. Please use this page to share your thoughts, healing journeys, or related questions. We would love to hear from you!

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Ann Haw
21/05/15 21:10:22
I am very pleased to welcome Felicity and Bobbi, otherwise known as Dynamic Facilitators to our team. They will be helping members to express and shift energies, through the mediums of Art and Drama. Please see their details under "Our Team"

Lizelle du Plessis
23/04/15 12:37:21
Thank you all for the compliments on the website design :) Much appreciated. Thank you to Ann for her wonderful work and continued support in the field of health and healing. My our journey continue, strengthen and blossom on and on. I look forward to all your stories in our FORUM. Much love, Lizelle.
Sue Beard
09/04/15 08:11:00
You have a wonderful website, Anne. Best wishes as you continue with your valuable work.
Michael & Venetia Ryan
02/04/15 15:06:03
It is a great website. We look forward to following your work. Blessings.
Mary Ryan
01/04/15 08:09:38
Many good wishes to Dynamic Healing and for much fruitful sharing and learning. I am a keen supporter of your work and wisdom Dr Ann.
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