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Felicity Hartley 

B.A (Art) HDE (U.C.T.)


I live in Somerset West and am married with two children.

I am a BA (Art) H.D.E. graduate and have also done many counseling courses like those of Hospice, Boundaries and the Breast Feeding Association. I have worked with Cape Mental Health where I was the Art therapist for the Halfway House. I did Play therapy at a nursery school, ran my own art school, been a weaving and knitwear designer for Dombeya Wool Shop. There I also introduced adult education programmes as well as at UCT, tutoring staff and mentoring art education so they could finish school.

In my private studio, I have had depressed, bipolar, post natal depression sufferers work alongside me, using the quiet, supportive and reflective space for their own relief and growth.

As a fine artist, fibre artist and teacher I have always been passionate about the non verbal strength of art as the illustrator, especially when words are initially inadequate, inexpressive, or the story has so many threads that it is too complicated to reduce to verbal linearity.

I think in visual symbols, my symbols, and so offer non-verbally dependent creative problem solving ideas, plus a genuine interest in listening to other people in a very present way.

For me the journey is the destination. We are not trying to solve issues, but encourage others to take ownership, tell their stories, and through reflection and new insights be inspired to re-ignite their passion and purpose.

Why we enjoy working together?

Felicity: "We are friends and we share many common interests.  We each bring common skills to the collective as well as our own unique ones. Together, I believe, we form a good team in both theory and practice. Bobbie is brilliant in getting people lost in their imaginations, or discovering that they have imaginations. Linzi is an amazing clinician with an incredible ability to didactically ground our activities in sound theory and practice. Apart from my creative arts and fibre skills I have an intuitive ability to guide people through their icons to a place of insight and untangle their threads until they are able to make sense of them."

Email: felicitywww@gmail.com
Mobile number: +27 72 5895857

Linzi Rabinowitz

B.A. Social Work Hons. (Wits), M.Phil. Education (U.C.T) practice No. 0490563


I did BA Social Work Hons (Wits) and M.Phil Education (UCT.)

I have been living in KZN for the last ten years. Most of the time was spent living in our handmade home set up against the mist belt forest just above Byrne Valley. Many of those years were dedicated to setting up a local, slightly if not completely unconventional school on a friend’s organic farm as well as the growing of children and vegetables. Living off the grid and walking up and down a mountain on a daily basis gave me the time and focus to enjoy the simple even though at times strenuous pleasures of life.

For the past 10 years I have been collaborating with a deeply committed South African scientist, Siamon Gordon who lives in the U.K. Through Empathy Trust, Southern Africa, we developed a range of resources related to HIV and AIDS for those who work at the coalface, either in the health or education sectors. I have spent many hours researching, writing and facilitating training based on these materials which reflect a particular approach to learning. The core content is presented and mediated through experiential methods so that participants are able to explore their creative solutions, barriers and values along the way.

The creative arts approach explored in earlier years with Bobbie has influenced my practice and continues to evolve, especially now as I am entering a more psycho-dynamic way of working with people. I think art as therapy opens a whole new road of self-expression and in the context of a group, creates a sense of connection among the participants.

Why we enjoy working together?

Linzi: "We each bring very distinct and complementary qualities to the therapeutic space.  I am never disappointed in Bobbie's exuberant, spontaneous and magical contributions which takes many forms.  Felicity offers a palette of vibrant and subtle colours which translate into moments of meditative weaving or expressions of immediate, intimate feelings.  

Through my years as a social worker I have seen the value of social networking and the matching of people to resources and more recently I have returned to the slow and steady work of helping people become conscious of the patterns that are no longer working for them.  I have a private practice in which I work primarily with adolescents and anyone else facing life changes or loss.

Together with Bobbie and Felicity we offer group processes which address both personal and professional needs. We offer people a time and a place to think, feel and experience themselves differently so that they might discover another way to make sense of their life story. It could be compared to the unraveling or untangling of the threads of our rich, nuanced, and complicated lives. We create a safe space so that the group itself becomes the container which is able to absorb, digest and honour whatever feelings might arise. This process is often mirrored in the participants as they learn to live with their ‘wounds’ rather than hope that they will magically vanish."


Linzi Rabinowitz

Email: lrab@polka.co.za
Mobile number: + 27 82 5563668

Bobbie Fitchen 

B.A (Drama) ATCL, LTCL (Trinity College London) ETPD SETA Accreditation-Facilitation


When I did a Drama degree, I never imagined that I would use it as a teacher. I was performing on stage, doing lots of children’s theatre and I did a teaching degree majoring in Drama and English. (This was really to keep my father happy!) Along the way I was introduced to Dorothy Heathcote the extraordinary UK teacher who coined the phrase Drama- in –Education, now an internationally recognized teaching philosophy. Having worked with her and mentored by people who worked closely with her, I began to understand the value of active participation in the learning environment. I then went on to do Brain Gym diplomas and explored WBT.   

I was always keen to integrate my creative methodology into mainstream scenarios. I started a training programme at an FET College which ultimately grew into a business model called NAB. (Natural & Beautiful.) The idea was to train women who had no prospect of skilled work,  and were the primary bread-winners and who were eking out an existence as seasonal workers on the farms in the Elgin area. I wanted to build their self- esteem and used all sorts of creative methods to get them to believe that they could successfully sustain themselves.  I was looking for a simple craft that they could learn.  This is when I met Felicity and she introduced me into a world of threads and fibre and colour and I saw how, by offering a space that was non-verbal and contained, and deeply creative, these women grew and explored sides of themselves that they never could have imagined.

This was the tipping point. Felicity and I decided we would start a journey where we could offer a multi-layered creative experience to anyone who needed time and a dedicated space to unpack and explore their particular challenges. We pulled Linzi in, and with her immense experience and skill at grounding our process, we believe we have taken our work to a different level.

Both my children are grown and happy and my role as mother is very different. Now I am an observer, an occasional adviser. I feel incredibly privileged to have an opportunity to work in spaces that are not easily accessible to many. I hope we can grow our work and get more people to understand the joy of accessing their creativity in a safe, secure and respectful manner.

Why we enjoy working together?

Bobbie: "I have known Linzi for 25 years; we met whilst doing a Montessori Foundation Course. I had just had a child, and felt a little knowledge was a dangerous thing, and I found it very interesting to understand how best we learn as little people. Of course my drama, as a performer and teacher was very different to Montessori’s ‘Prepared Environment’; however I didn't bother too much with being a purist.  I have always struggled with the conventional ideas of how we learn, and the ‘Chalk & Talk' approach never worked for me. I found school horribly boring and as a result never took it seriously. 

Fortunately I experienced the joys of creative learning methods and discovered only 3 % of the planet can learn by sitting still. 

Finding like-minded, talented and dedicated people like Linzi and Felicity has given my work depth and integrity. In our case I think our collaboration inspires us to interrogate and push ourselves to constantly create a dynamic and authentic experience. Our collective experience – we are all in our 50’s, is something that cannot be taught. We are able to confidently embrace our ideas, trust ourselves sufficiently to take risks and understand that we learn from one another and the people we work with.  I view it a bit like a magnificent tapestry. Each thread, texture and colour enriches our journey."

Email: bobbiefitchen@gmail.com
Mobile number: + 27 82 8579411