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Dr Ann Haw



I graduated, in medicine, from UCT in 1977.

Even in my undergraduate years, I felt that something was seriously missing, from the curriculum.


As a student I did some work with Dr Rex Wilson, a General Practitioner in Rondebosch.  He was using a lot of psycho-therapeutic methods to help patients and their families restore equilibrium and health.  He helped me with some of my own emotional issues and introduced me into the importance of understanding people’s psyche, in relation to their physical bodies. This relationship between our minds and our bodies is a subject, which I have explored ever since. He used to say: “Medicine is only my hobby, people are my real work.”

After graduating I got married and had children of my own.  This period in my life took me out of academic medicine and gave me an opportunity to embrace the challenges and joys of marriage and being a mother.  I believe I did learn an enormous amount about myself, my family and family dynamics from these personal experiences.

I started a small practice at home and started equipping myself with skills in Psychotherapy.  This I did through my own study and also with supervision from Professor Jan Robbertze.  I spent many hours listening to my patients conflicts.

In 1995, my children were on their feet and I started looking for alternative methods of healing.


Synchronistically, an advertisement came through the post for a course in Homeopathy.  I really knew nothing about Homeopathy, believing, as many doctors do, that it was a form of herbalism. The course was presented by Dr David Lilley.  Thinking that I might at least find something with which I could treat common ailments more effectively, I attended the first week-end seminar.  Little did I know that, that week-end would change my whole philosophy about health and about medications.

I was immediately drawn to Dr Lilley’s philosophies, because at last, there seemed to be a discipline, which bridged the gap between the understanding of the physical body and the workings of the psyche.  At first I kicked against some of the difficult concepts, like using a non-material medication.  It was only when I tried some of the remedies on my patients, that I became convinced that they carried huge potential.  I am still trying to understand, how this works, and how to apply the principals therapeutically.  I believe that it will be a life time’s work.

I have studied Homeopathy in great depth, since those early days.  It continues to enthrall me and bring better understanding into life, health, disease and how we can heal ourselves. I believe I have helped some patients, to heal.  I have also disappointed many.  

I hope that with time and with experience, I will be able to help more people and also be able to share what I have learnt, with whoever is interested.